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Individual therapy


You may find counselling helpful when there is an aspect of your life that is being impacted by issues, such as work, or relationships that are affecting your emotional or psychological health, or indeed the other way round. I work with a wide range of issues.

My counselling sessions last 60 minutes, with our first session being an initial consultation to assess the best way forward.

I believe myself to be an integrative therapist when the work is predominantly psychodynamic and systemic approach. The advantage of this approach is that it works both inside and out.

Other aspects of my counselling background is informed by person centred, solution focused and cognitive behavioural therapy approaches.

As a counsellor, I help people to explore their feelings and emotions which are often related to their experiences. This allows individuals to reflect on what is happening to them and consider alternative ways of doing things. We work in a confidential setting with an agreed counselling contract.[nbsp]

Many people face periods of transition and change which can lead to feelings of “stuckness”, confusion, anxiety or depression. Counselling can offer an opportunity to explore, understand and support choices for new changes.[nbsp]

I adhere to the BACP ethical guidelines.[nbsp] [nbsp]

Post traumatic stress

Traumatic events can often be difficult to process and when situations have threated feelings of safety can produce reactions that seem overwhelming. Counselling can help to support these thoughts and feelings help to work through them.


Areas that I specialise in:

Grief counselling- supporting through the process of pain associated with grief in a sensitive and compassionate way to readjust following a bereavement.

Relationship counselling– supporting individuals and couples with facing issues within their relationship and assisting couples in diminishing their distress, and to improve their relationships by helping them to develop general relating skills, or to support through a process of separation, conflict or change.[nbsp] ( See Couple counselling)

Common issues that I help with are:


Addictions and obsessive compulsive disorders

Anxiety and panic


Conflict in relationships


Eating disorders

Sexual issues

Issues with self and identity



Post traumatic Stress

Self-esteem issues/ Self-concept issues


Cost of individual session is £65