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Couples Counselling

Hand holding

Research shows that holding hands with a partner reduces stress. Hand holding (and other forms of positive touch) seem to work best as stress-reducers in healthy relationships.

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Relationships, like gardens require constant cultivation and often communication difficulties, influences from the past, difficult life events, parenting problems, disappointments, challenging intimacy skills or issues in resolving conflict, dealing with a crisis and other issues can place quite a strain on relationships. Communication and intimacy are key to healthy relationships and symptoms often present here with arguing or conflict. A couple may want to stay together, but struggle to get through some persistent circular issues, or an event, such as an affair or a loss and you may have reached a point where all your resources to cope or stabilise the relationship have reached breaking point. .

I offer private and confidential relationship counselling to couples who are finding themselves in conflict or distress. Relationship counselling can address a wide variety of issues, and help to cultivate talking about things that are difficult to talk about at home, and support the couple to make choices about where they are now, where they wish to go from here, and how to do that. All healthy relationships experience change and life transitions with circumstances that impact in ways that might be difficult to predict, where there are different responses to trauma, bereavement or job changes as well as having children.

The impact of relationships when they get into difficulty is profound and can be at the heart of much distress and unhappiness. I facilitate a process that encourages partners to listen to and understand each other and to work towards a positive and healthy way forward and to support couples in improving the quality of their relationship and find ways to reconnect again even when there have been some trauma between them.

Common relationship problems, are 

  • lack of trust
  • betrayal or affair
  • jealousy
  • lack of communication
  • financial issues
  • work-related stress
  • abusive behaviour
  • different sexual needs or other sexual issues
  • family conflicts
  • different goals and values
  • different parenting styles
  • controlling behaviour
  • life changes
  • Separation or divorce

If you are experiencing any emotional difficulties do make contact with me. I offer professional, confidential and supportive help.  I am an accredited member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and my original training dates back to working with Relate in 1991 with a Relate Certificate in Marital and Couple Theory and Practice. I have subsequently advanced this with a BA (Hons) and M.A Relationship Therapy (with distinction). The privilege of working with many couples over the years has given me a complete understanding, knowledge, skills and training in supporting couples in their needs towards helping them make the changes that they need to go forwards.

My work with couples is primarily informed by an integrative approach in systemic and psychodynamic model. I work from my private practice in Drinkstone, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9SX and work in an insightful and creative way. The sessions are an hour in length and are in a safe, listening and therapeutic environment. The cost of couple therapy is £90.

I also supervise counsellors working with couples. Please see separate page for details.

Please ring or email if you would like further information.

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